Case Studies

With more than 30 years combined of direct IT and non-IT experience, UMS Professional Services speaks to our clients‟ needs and adds value to their organizations. Throughout the years, we’ve developed a deep understanding of the issues clients face in making Professional Services decisions and have developed successful solutions to overcome problems and allow clients to get back to business.
Our case studies serve as a testament of the innovative Professional Services we provide that create lasting business relationships.

Case Study No.1

Thinking Outside the Box

Case Study No.2

Satisfaction, Guaranteed

Case Study No.3

Communicating the Right Fit

Case Study No.4

Business Partners for the Long Haul

Case Study No. 1: Thinking Outside the Box

Beyond Petroleum – BP, Information Technology and Services Division IT &S
Summary : UMS’s broad search strategy yielded the perfect consultant for a position with an international Energy Company, Beyond Petroleum BP


Can’t Find a Perfect Match

Many organizations find the search for the perfect consultant with the right skill set and personality to be quite difficult. After three months of interviewing a number of consultants for a Project Manager position, this international Energy Company client was still unable to find a consultant who possessed the unique blend of experience and values they were looking for. As a result, the client sought the Professional Services expertise of UMS.


Change the Focus of the Search Strategy

UMS worked closely with the Procurement, Human Resources Executive team and Line Management to educate them on the local Project market. During the following weeks, the UMS Professional Services team added value to the Professional Services process by providing knowledgeable insight into market trends and the consultants the client was considering. UMS offered valuable feedback on the variety of consultants who had previously been considered by the Company, and worked closely with the Professional Services authorities to understand their unique needs. Ultimately, the Energy Company agreed to expand their search parameters to include consultants with a variety of backgrounds they previously ruled out. Instead of focusing on finding a consultant with large Health and Safety experience and heavy exposure to Energy law, the client switched focus to a consultant’s ability to connect with the team and who would work well within the Company’s culture. As the company refined their qualifications for the new job position, UMS changed their targeted Professional Services efforts to mirror the new profile.


When the client focused efforts on finding a consultant with strong Project Management experience whose personality fit the company culture and who had the ability to connect with the Company’s staff, the client was extremely successful in finding the right consultant through UMS who matched the criteria of necessary background combined with personality fit.

Case Study No. 2: Satisfaction, Guaranteed

Management College of South Africa – Mancosa, Research and Management Consulting Division
Summary:UMS’s generous guarantees for Professional Services offered flexibility in meeting a Higher Education Provider company’s unique needs.

Case Study No. 3: Communicating the Right Fit

Beyond Payments - Standard Bank's Innovations Division in Banking Systems
Summary:UMS‟s exceptional communication skills allowed for a true understanding of what a corporate Financial Services client wanted in a consultant.

Case Study No. 4: Business Partners for the Long Haul

Standard Bank Central Testing Centre
UMS provided Project Professional Services that grew and adapted to an international Banking company’s changing needs in multiple areas.