To whom it may concern, This letter makes recommendation of the Testing Services provided by Ubungcweti Management Services (Pty) Ltd to MTN Business Optimisation on the ME 2 U Project.

Customer Name:
MTN Business Optimisation
Team Size:
12-15 resources
Project Duration:
2010-11-03 - 2012-06-30
HP Quality Center / Rational Quality Manager
Type of Testing:
Functional Testing , Regression Testing, Business Process Testing, User
Acceptance Testing, Post Implementation Testing, Change Requests, Business
Acceptance Testing, exploratory Testing, Boundary Value Analysis, Systems
Intergration Testing, Business Requirement Acceptance Testing.
UMS Role in Testing:
Full support in the SDLC and STLC lifecycle testing Initiation, Planning
Analysis and Design, Execution readiness, Closeout, Handover; and resources
to cover additional testing demands for projects , Hardware supplied to
resources , Back up of resources as and when required. Testing support and
High Level Responsibilities:
Ensuring all Test Deliverables were managed according to the Project
requirements as well as ensuring quality.
Metrics per release:
Cumulative pre and post release changes improvements or issues .Test
Effectiveness Improvements, Staff retention, Production Defects
Metrics daily:
30 -40 Test cases designed. 80 - 100 Test Cases daily executed, 10 -15 defects
logged and retested
Acceptance Testing::
Performing and managing Business Requirements Acceptance Testing, in
terms of planning, analysis, design and execution. Ensuring Test data set up
for UAT, managing execution of the UAT, Managing the progress reporting on
the UAT, Managing KPI'S and 360 evaluation.
Lead Times:
Resources on-boarded from Interview to active work over a 2 week .sources
were highly skilled. Where a replacement was required due to resources goin
on leave a stand in was allocated within 24 hours.
Quality of Resources:
The testing resources provided were of very good quality. Where there were
issues relating to a single resource, this was escalated, managed and the
replacement for the tester was done very professionally and quickly. Never
had any issues relating to any resources supplied by UMS
UMS Account Model:
The UMS model of having regular meetings with the Test Manager as well as
with the resources that are on site worked very well. Any performance issues
are quickly identified and turned around. UMS was also very flexible in
accommodating my needs and went beyond the call of duty in having some
of these meetings on weekends because of heavy project schedule and
Commitment of Resources:
There was never any hesitation from any of the resources interviewed to join
the organisation. For each position advertised UMS provided at least 3-5
suitable candidates
UMS Flexibility of notice periods, etc:
No issues were encountered with UMS Resources, Should a stand in be
required the lead time was met as per SLA. Where resources had to give
notice due to personal and family issues, they worked the complete notice
period including weekends.
Business Continuity:
When resources go on leave they are able provide backup resources , ensure
effective handover etc. Leave - Continuity, least impact to productivity as the
resources are fully skilled for handover. Backup resources and handover plans
were effectively implemented.
Some resources taken on board for a specific project in junior roles, proved
themselves very capable and were put in charge of running/leading the next
project. The sizes of the projects varied across several systems . Where
resource’s continually complete assignments within time and are always
looking for work, makes the job managing easier and also trust can be placed
in assigning more responsibilities to these resources.
Resource and Capacity Planning:
Not for this engagement
Not for this engagement
Areas of Testing:
Functional Testing , Regression Testing, Business Process Testing, User
Acceptance Testing, Post Implementation Testing, Change Requests, Business
Acceptance Testing ,exploratory Testing, Boundary Value Analysis, Systems
Intergration Testing, Business Requirement Acceptance Testing
Data Clean-up:
Resources had to analyse existing test assets for relevance export from
Quality Centre to Rational Quality Manager. UMS provided support in
sending the resources for a certification in RQM, and the resources were well
in terms of migrating from QC to RQM.
Process Improvements:
Not for this engagement
Monthly KPI meetings to discuss the resource performance were held, as
stated above some of these had to take place out of working hours and
during weekends.
Testing Services:
The service expected from UMS is the provision of skilled local and offshore
resources for software testing. There have been no breaches to date. All
testing was performed according to the testing processes and governance
performing resource was keeping up with the work schedule.
Testing Information:
HP Quality Center was the toolset used. For most of the analysis and design
phases a single workshop per specification was sufficient for the resources to
continue their work and deliver the required outputs.
Acceptance Testing::
UMS Resources work collectively and actively with all stakeholders across
MTN. Understanding and product knowledge is acquired quickly and
deliverables are met within the agreed timelines
Testing Tools
HP Quality Center ,Rational Quality Manager, Loadrunner , Winrunner
Core Functions
Measure compliance with business and system requirements
Validate end-to-end business processes to confirm use of the system
Confirm integrity of converted and additional data (e.g. values that appear in a look-up table)
Identify areas where user needs are not included in the system or are incorrectly specified or interpreted in the system
Co-ordinate, monitor and manage end-user acceptance testing,
Evaluate and sign-off go-live readiness