To whom it may concern, This letter makes recommendation of the Testing Services provided by Ubungcweti Management Services (Pty) LTD to Multichoice

Customer Name:
Multichoice BTD Decoder Development
Team Size:
Project Duration:
June 2011 to Aug 2013
Decoder software testing
Type of Testing:
Requirements, Functional, Regression, Performance, Stress, Reliability and
Acceptance Testing.
UMS Role in Testing:
Test planning and execution for Unit Testing, Pre-Integration, Integration
High Level Responsibilities:
Test Team Lead, Test Execution, Defect logging and Reporting
Metrics per release:
Volume of Defects detected, resolved, open, closed.
Metrics daily:
Defects Opened, Closed by Severity
Acceptance Testing::
Involved, but not responsible.
Lead Times:
On average, the UMS lead time was about 1 month for generics skills and
about 2 months for specialists.
Quality of Resources:
The skill sets provided were mostly from the mobile telecommunications,
broadcast and banking industry with proven experience in software testing
and development. All resources came skilled in usage of defect tracking
tools, testing techniques and general computing knowledge.
UMS Account Model:
The Key Resources assigned to an Account include the following Key
Personnel: Account Executive and Delivery Manager. This model has proved
very effective as all contractual, commercial and delivery requirements were
effectively managed.
Commitment of Resources:
They have usually had a pool of 3-5 resources available with generic testing
and admin skills. Specialist skills have proven to be more scarce.
UMS Flexibility of notice periods, etc:
We usually try to abide by our contractual agreements in this area. When
the situation demanded flexibility, UMS have always been accommodated
our needs.
Business Continuity:
Backup resources and handover plans were effectively implemented.
This cannot be listed as it’s the IP of the company
Resource and Capacity Planning:
Projects, resource planning and allocation schedule is done with the Client
and resource, managed and overseen by the Test Lead / Manager
Areas of Testing:
UMS staff are part of teams responsible for Functional Testing, Integration
Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Performance Testing and Automation
Testing of all Multichoice decoder products.
Data Clean-up:
All UMS testing staff are trained by Multichoice in the use of the Spitateam
and Jira tools. Data clean-up of test cases and effective defect logging
techniques are actively driven by the Test Leads.
Process Improvements:
A UMS Team Lead was responsible for co-ordinating our Defect Tracking
Workgroup which implemented improvements in the way we used our
We have not enforced detailed and formalised client reporting as have
implemented a flexible and collaborative process with staff and suppliers.
We rely on regular face to face meetings and KPI discussions with
Account Managers for reporting.
Testing Services:
UMS staff are responsible for the accurate logging of the following data on
Jira and Spirateam:
Testing Information:
UMS staff are responsible for the acurate logging of the following dataon Jira and Spirateam

  • Test cases with execution steps
  • Defect reports
  • Defect severity
  • Steps to reproduce defect
  • Software version data
  • Number of occurrences of defect

  • Acceptance Testing::
    UMS staff actively works with decoder test teams that are responsible for
    end to end acceptance testing.
    Testing Tools
  • Spirateam
  • Jira